For event organisers

We believe that organisers of events requiring consecutive or simultaneous interpretation are well aware of the importance of having skilled interpreters to ensure their success. Nevertheless, we would like to draw your attention to the following recommendations:

  1. Ask only professional interpreters to put together a team of interpreters;
  2. Trust the advice and recommendations of the head of the team of interpreters with regard to working conditions, technical equipment, etc.;
  3. Appoint a contact person for communicating with the head of the team of interpreters both before and during the event;
  4. Submit presentations and reference material (if available) to interpreters in advance;
  5. If possible, organise a briefing for speakers and interpreters prior to the event;
  6. If possible, ensure internet access for interpreters during the event;
  7. Ensure good visibility of the audience and speakers for interpreters;
  8. Only use interpretation equipment which complies with the relevant technical standards;
  9. Check the technical equipment prior to the event;
  10. If possible, provide a rest lounge for interpreters;

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